This was one of the hardest parts of creating this campaign…
Usually I will block and ignore the hate I get, but in order to show what really happens on a daily basis, I had to read what people comment, what they message and what lengths they will go to in order to hurt another human…
As we grow this campaign/brand I will be adding messages and comments other people receive too, but for now here is a glimpse of what my trolls/haters say.

"Don't delete this status bro, if he doesn’t want his kids to see what we say he should keep them off social media"

"He is a horrible, sad, attention seeking man"

"Blokes an absolute wxxker"

"MBE = Massive Bell End"

"He is a first class prick, the sooner he drives that car into the wall the better"

"poor fella, his kids need all the help they can get"

"His followers are blind and stupid for supporting him"

"If he has been bullied all his life he should be used to this"

"All this BeKind stuff, give me a break its just a shield"

"if he had anxiety and mental health he wouldn't be in the public eye"

"His followers are brain washed by the messiah himself Mike Kind"

"I would rather catch the clap than support him, he makes my skin crawl"

"He bought that blue tick on socials for 10K"


As hard as it was to read these comments I had to do it. To be honest, this is the softer stuff, the really hard comments and messages I simply couldn't bring myself to type. Hate is happening, not just to me, not just to people who are in the public eye, but to our kids, our family members and friends.
My mission is to tell the WORLD that we will not sit back in silence and take it, we will not hit rock bottom and we will not give up, leaving our loved ones behind.

Thank you to each of you who believed in me when I wasn't strong enough to believe in myself.. 

Love Always 

Mike Hind MBE x